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Free TikTok Views
Free TikTok Views

How to get TikTok Views More Ways

Here you will learn about the many ways to get TikTok views. Each of you wants to see millions of views of your TikTok posts in your profile. This magical feeling comparable to real pleasure attracts a lot of great authors to The TikTok social network. But the algorithms are configured by TikTok so that your video will fall into The TikTok trends if it goes viral. The effect of the virus is achieved when a lot of people rate and view your videos and share them with friends. Mobile Hack.online collected all available methods of getting views on the viral effect. You can get a high-quality viral effect using our TikTok views hack by follow on the “START HACK” button below.

Of course, in addition to our beautiful TikTok views hack, you can find in Google a lot of suggestions for growing volume video views for your TikTok account. Half of the methods are already outdated, and the other half require payment for their services. But not a fact, you will not run into scammers. Service MobileHack.Online will never ask you for your account password and will never require you to pay for using our free TikTok views hack tool.

All existing methods to growing views TikTok

The most up-to-date information for 2020. Be sure to try our TikTok Followers Hack and TikTok likes Hack. These tools implement the most modern technologies that allow you to get followers and likes in TikTok for free.

Increase views on TikTok using our tool

TikTok Views hack is not just an independent tool for increasing video views. This is a very thoughtful and safe way to increase your popularity with the TikTok social network. Just make a request and enjoy your popularity, which will not take long to wait. After using our tool, tell your friends about us – this is the best motivation for us to continue to distort vulnerabilities in TikTok and constantly maintain the tool in working order. So just follow the link above and feel the magic of hacking views TikTok.

Increase views on TikTok using TikTok Views generator

TikTok Views generator has the same goal as our TikTok Views hacking tool, only it works in a completely different way. If our tool breaks The Tiktok algorithms for your videos to fall into the trends and thus you will get organic video views in TiKTok. Then TikTok Views generator has its database of bots and we use them to cheat views, which in turn is very easy to calculate that there was an unnatural cheat of views. In the best case, you will simply write off your screwed-up views, and at worst you will be banned from your TikTok account.

Of course, if you approach the cheat wisely, then you will not generate millions of views on your TikTok account that does not even have 1000 followers. This will immediately arouse suspicion of TikTok algorithms and you will get sanctions. Make your TikTok account grow naturally. Generate not only views of your TikTok posts, but also likes and followers on your TikTok account. This is one of the reliable strategies that have the highest chances that you will not fall under the TikTok filters and your account will become one of the most popular in your country.

TikTok Views Hack
TikTok Views Hack

Get more views using the TikTok Views app

If you are a frequent guest of the App Store and Google Play, you have already met many applications that allow you to increase the number of views of TikTok videos. Enter “TikTok Views” in the search bar and you will be given at least three apps to increase TikTok views. The performance of these applications raises questions and disputes since the main goal of a commercial application is to earn money. Also, when registering in this very app, you will need to check the box that you agree to the terms of use. According to statistics, 98% do not read these conditions. And they can write that this application is informational and agreeing with it, you will not get your views in TikTok. All you get from these apps is an advertising and rarely, but it’s still possible that these are harmful apps. Always look at the app reviews. Even if these reviews can be faked, the number of ratings with 1 star will tell you about the usefulness of this app. If the percentage of negative reviews is more than 15%, we strongly recommend that you do not install such applications.

Buying TikTok views

The TikTok view purchase method will always be relevant. Since there is a demand and there will be a supply, this is the law of capitalism. And capitalism is the system by which the modern world lives. The cost of views on various services ranges from $ 10 to $ 30 per 100,000 video views.

Also, against the background of high demand, a lot of malicious sites have appeared offering such services, paying for which you will get bad service or do not get anything at all. Google struggles with such sites by marking them with filters, but scammers just create a new site and start deceiving gullible users of TikTok again. We do not recommend buying TikTok views. There is a great chance that you will just be deceived. This is why you will not find any paid services to increase views on your account here. MobileHack.Online provides free and proven methods to increase views in TikTok and will never ask for prepayment for using our tool.

Increase views on TikTok using TikTok Views Bot

This method is based on automatic page surfing in the browser. There are two ways to make the TikTok Views Bot work. The first one is the most difficult and time- consuming – it is to write your bot for automating video views in TikTok from multiple accounts. The second method is a little easier – it is to configure existing programs to automate video views in TikTok.

The problem with the first method is that you will have to learn programming languages, learn what a proxy is, and spend at least 3 months learning other important basic programming and multi-accounting knowledge. The second method also has problems related to the number of supported accounts running simultaneously. For example, 20 accounts are logged in from your device and they start watching the same TikTok video.TikTok algorithms will immediately see that something is wrong here. You get banned by device and Ip. And don’t forget that a ready-made automation program costs money. As a result, the TikTok Views Bot in 2020 is not just unprofitable.

We do not recommend using TikTok Views Bot because it will be too expensive for a regular user and you will probably do more harm to your TikTok account than good. Use the more reliable methods described above and be careful.

Free promotion of TikTok views

There is a method that will allow you to pump your TikTok account for free. Followers likes, and views – all this can be obtained absolutely for free. The network has been successfully running services for a long time, registering in which you can perform tasks on your mobile phone and earn points. After you manage to earn a certain number of points, you can exchange your points for followers, likes, or views to your TikTok account. The advantage of this method of increasing popularity is that this method is free and suitable for all mobile devices. The disadvantage of this method is that you need to spend your time completing tasks. MobileHack.Online believes that the advantages of this method repeatedly overlap the disadvantages. Perfect for novice bloggers in TikTok, because you can use multiple mobile devices and multiply your points. Click on the image below and learn the “TikTok Boost” service. Successful experience of our clients says that in 40 minutes, you can complete tasks and earn enough points and exchange them for the largest package of TikTok Followers in the amount of 10,000 followers. But we recommend taking three small packages at once consisting of 1000 followers, 1000 likes and 1000 video views. This will look more natural (which will positively affect the quality of your TikTok account) than if you take one large package at once. Try it for free by clicking on the image below.

TikTok Boost
TikTok Boost

A new method promotion using TikTok Boost

TikTok Boost is the best option for all known methods of promoting your TikTok account. Likes, views, and followers – all this can be obtained in one place and absolutely for free. The advantage of TikTok Boost is that it combines a nice interface and well- developed functionality. Before registering with TikTok Boost, read the instructions in the instructions tab. Then earn points and exchange them for followers, likes or views. Suitable for all users with mobile devices.


There are many ways to get TikTok Views today. The best option is to use modern services like “TikTok Boost“. This is the newest method of getting free views in TikTok. Easy and simple! All you need to get TikTok views is a link to your TikTok. The most unattractive method for getting TikTok views is the TikTok Views Bot method.

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